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It's no secret that video marketing is blowing up right now.

It’s no secret that video marketing is blowing up right now.

For example, more than 50% of consumers prefer videos next to any other type of content coming from brands.

2019 is the year for video marketing as a holistic business approach, meaning all teams will produce video content in a conversational, actionable, and accessible way.

On the other hand, access to video equipment and post-production tools has never been easier and cheaper than it is now.

These two factors not only elevate the competition for the video makers but can also create an increasing distance between what companies need and what companies get.

However, there is a specific know-how that is missing in today’s video marketing campaigns: having a strategic mindset.

A mindset that primarily involves the idea that your skillset shouldn’t only be vertical, but also horizontal.

Here are my top takeaways after three years as a Head of Video at Growth Tribe:

Being Persona Driven

First of all, you need to know whom you are talking to.

You can create the best video marketing content that ever existed. Yet, if you don’t base it on your target, you might never be able to reach your potential buyers.

One of the most important things to remember is that you need to build personas to be able to know where your audience likes to spend their time. 

By trying to be everywhere, you’re in danger of spreading your efforts too thin, or you may find yourself in the wrong place with the irrelevant people. 

So where should you start from? 

Find your target audience! This way, you will be able to plan your video(s), their length, whether it is a discovery platform or a search platform and consequently what is the average attention span on that platform.

People are naturally drawn to group together in like-minded tribes.

By truly understanding your persona and what motivates them, you can engage with them in a way they relate to your brand. 

What are your customer’s preferences? 

What format should your video have?

Is it going to be an informal type of video? Or something more formal? What kind of emotion do I want to trigger in the people I am talking to?

Don’t just amplify what you want to say, listen to what your audience wants and needs to hear.

By doing the research and understanding your persona, you can build a content map based on what questions asked at each stage of the buyer’s journey.

What type of pain does your product or service can solve? Don’t base your answer on your gut feelings.

Try to understand why your customers purchased your product in the first place.

To put it shortly: knowing who you are talking to is going to save you a lot of time and money.

Being Funnel Oriented

Always remember your customer journey. What are the stages of your sales funnel?How many steps does someone need to take until they convert into a customer?

Like any other type of marketing strategy, your video marketing need to focus on a specific metric/step of the funnel.


Because funnel oriented content marketing produces three times more leads per dollar spent when compared to paid search.

Funnel oriented content marketing allows you to:

  1. Spend less money on paid ads
  2. Increase organic search traffic
  3. Increase brand awareness
  4. Get higher conversion rates

Always remember that for each and every phase of the funnel there is a type of video that fits perfectly.


Top three points that you need to remember:

  1. Top of the funnel (TOFU) focuses on brand awareness and site traffic. ToFu content grabs attention.
  2. Middle of the funnel (MOFU) focuses on lead generation and nurture. MOFU content educates and informs.
  3. Bottom of the funnel (BOFU) focuses on conversion to paid service or product. BOFU content is personalised and product focused.

The second fundamental element about being Funnel Oriented is to remember to focus your energy and money.

By this, I mean that you will never be able to work on all phases of the funnel at the same time. Even if you would – are you sure you want to invest all of your money based only on gut feelings?

Isn’t it better to start from a specific metric to verify your assumptions?

Start with identifying which phase of the funnel gives you the most blockers.

Based on that, you will be able to get better results, faster, and buy-in from your stakeholder or your team.

Being data and experiment-driven.

At Growth Tribe, we believe in the idea that Data levels all opinions. We always try to get the ego out of the room and let the Data talk to challenge the plan.

As a video maker and a marketer, I know this can sometimes be challenging because you strongly believe that your idea will fly, or you fall in love with it.

That’s where experimentation comes in.

Testing, testing, testing is the only thing that eliminates opinion base choices and allows you to collect data

Ben Jones, global creative director at Google’s Unskippable Labs, said


“The challenge with advertising is that as soon as you make an ad that follows all the rules, all the rules change.”


That’s why experimenting is so important.

Let’s take the example of the Growth Insights video series.

We started this series with a standard-setting: no lights, no mic. Just a phone and a laptop to record the audio.

We started to share it internally, and we noticed that the feedback was good, but the quality was an issue.

We then decided to bring a compact camera to increase the video quality. We shot the first episode like that, and with some scrappy animations, we managed to fill in the blanks.

From the first episode, every new episode introduced a new element, and with it, added a new part to the process.

Until the present time. But now we know that the time spent on that was worth it. The high turnaround brought us brand recognition and strengthened our authority.

Long story short, we might fall in love with an idea. But if you base all your time/money investments on that – no, one will ever be able to assure you of the success of your campaign.

These are my learnings after three years in GT.

Some of them might not sound like rocket science to you, but what makes this strategic process actionable and useful is the interplay between all these things.

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