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Having the mindset for growth was a crucial factor for our success in this traineeship.
In my opinion, to achieve optimal learning, you have to combine these three things: guided education, self-learning, and on-the-job experience. Growth Tribe’s Traineeship combines these three – and that is why I joined.

In the last six months, I’ve gained some invaluable skills as a Growth Marketer. Perhaps more things I could ever learn in a year, or two years.

That’s what I call, accelerated learning! 🚀

The journey was a bumpy one, but I saw myself celebrate many wins, and even fails. All part of the process! 🙂

The Matching

I applied in the 6-month Growth & A.I. program in late 2018 and got matched to a Fintech company called Safened.

I happily accepted the role as a Content Marketing Manager last January 2019. A few weeks after, my enthusiastic colleague Oana joined me through the traineeship as well.

We introduced ourselves to the company, eager to apply whatever we could learn about Growth Hacking.

Bootcamp, Sprints, and More

The traineeship kicked-off with a two-week Bootcamp full of theory, exercises, and specialised growth hacking & A.I. lessons.

We learned topics like OMTM, pirate funnels, retention, CRO, psychographic personas, analytics, machine learning, linear regression, clustering…

Sorry, did I lose you there?

It was easy to get lost with all the information they give. However, I learned that was the “Growth Tribe Way”: fast-paced, no-nonsense, responsible learning.

In a short amount of time, the program strives to fill you in from the growing digital skills gap. After all, the mission was to get ahead of the curve!

As mentioned earlier, self-learning was a key part of the learning process. To supplement our training in the classroom, we had access to a plethora of online courses (Treehouse & ConversionXL), and also had dedicated learning time bi-weekly.

If there were things I didn’t understand or needed clarification, we had dedicated coaching time by the amazing trainers & coaches to guide us in the journey.

And that was also one of the best things I gained from the traineeship – the community.

Aside from the trainers & coaches, getting to know all my fellow trainees was the cherry on top. I’m happy to be able to form some friendships, valuable connections, and lasting memories.

We all had an incredible journey together – from playing culture games to karaoke night-outs to visiting Facebook HQ in Dublin, and finally prepping for our final presentations.

The traineeship was indeed more #WorthIt knowing that you’ve gained not only valuable skills but also gaining meaningful relationships that could also be impactful to your career.


Mindset for Growth

The biggest takeaway for me as a trainee is that growth hacking starts with the mindset.

When my colleague and I just started in the company, we were very eager to implement “quick wins” via the growth hacking way. Unfortunately, we experienced many blockers that prevented us from performing “experimentation sprints”.

It wasn’t until midway in our learning journey that we realised: growth hacking doesn’t always mean finding the shortcut (although sometimes it does with the help of tools & automation!).

In our case, since we were a scale-up in a B2B environment, there were some things we couldn’t implement compared to being in e-commerce, for example.

Instead, we focused on what metric mattered for the company, getting management buy-in, and continuously measuring our results & experiments using a data-driven approach.

Having the mindset for growth was a crucial factor for our success in this traineeship.


Tips to Takeaway

Maybe you’re curious about Growth Hacking and want to implement it to your company too? Or are you also a marketer who wants to learn a bit more about Growth Hacking?

Here are our top tips:

  1. Always start with the foundations – You cannot jump into growth if you do not have these pre-requisites: Business Model Canvas, Customer Personas, Value Proposition.
  2. Adopt an agile way of working – at Growth Tribe, we learned to use the GROWS Process: 1) Gather Ideas, 2) Rank Ideas, 3) Outline experiment, 4) Work or execute in sprints, and 5) Study results and label if it was a Win/Inconclusive/Fail.
  3. Test your assumptions, and test it fast!- Growth hacking is all about experimentation! If you have a great idea, it’s not enough to base it on a hunch. As Jeff Bezos said, being wrong might hurt you a bit, but being slow will kill you.
  4. Be data-driven – as Growth Tribe says, Data Levels All Arguments. Test your assumptions with data, and measure your results with data. Maybe even make Google Analytics your best friend.
  5. Embrace failure – There will be many times that your assumptions will be wrong, and you should be okay with that!

If you didn’t get to read the quote above, I’d share it again: being wrong might hurt you a bit, but being slow will kill you. 😇

What about you? How was your journey into Growth Hacking? What are some things you want to learn more about the field?

Don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions 🙂

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