10 Blog Titles So Over the Top They Warped the Fabric of Space-Time7 min read

Just sometimes, when it comes blog titles, marketers go way too far...
I get it.

Content marketing can be tough, standing out in an ocean full of it is no easy task, and as marketers we need to get inventive.

But sometimes when it comes blog titles, we go way too far…

Sometime we get crazy with power… words. Some might even say we go on a power ‘word’ trip. Forgetting that with great power ‘words’ comes great responsi…

Okay, maybe overkill.

Much like the following insanely over the top, mind meltingly cringe worthy, “look-at-me” shouty headlines.



1. Neil Patel – Shattering Planets with Words

The biggest threat to the planet?

Climate change? No.

Plastic waste? Not quite.

Bloggers? Absolutely!


2. Kim Garst – Blowing minds with social symbology

No… freakin’… way!

Mind officially blown…


3. Web Designer Depot – Chatbots: The heroes humans need, not deserve

Call me strange, but if there is one thing that gives me what the oxford english dictionary defines as “a feeling of reverential respect mixed with fear or wonder” it’s a good conversational interface.



Search engine whaaaa… 🤯


5. Wordstream – This blog post changed my life (in 17 millieseconds)


Sensei Erin, thank you for this profound marketing information.



I will never be the same again.


6. Single Grain – Bow to Your Content Overlords!

“World domination (also called global domination or world conquest) is a hypothetical power structure, either achieved or aspired to, in which a single authority holds the power over all or virtually all the inhabitants of the planet Earth.!”

Haha! and you thought Putin and Trump were the problem!

The content marketers have seized power from right under your nose!


7. Larry Kim – Who needs scary movies when you have Gmail hacks

Not quite sure who the persona was here, Larry:

“Goose bumps are the bumps on a person’s skin at the base of body hairs which may involuntarily develop when a person is cold or experiences strong emotions such as fear, euphoria or sexual arousal.”

But I think they might like Gmail a little too much.


8. Search Engine Watch – YOU WILL CLICK MY HEADLINE!!!

Headline checklist:

Start with a number? Check.

50% power words? Check.


I am 100% developing headline fatigue.


9. – Enchanting Marketing – Who said blog headlines can’t be sexy and… uh, tasty 🤔

Wait, what!?

There’s even 39 ways to do this!?


10. Larry Kim – Facebook Groups – The Saviour of humanity

Click-Bait Kim, not again!

Let’s break this headline down to its actual meaning shall we…

Why Facebook! Why!

It never had to end like this!

We just wanted reach! Just a little bit more reach!


In Catastrophic World-Ending Summary


Okay, don’t get me wrong, most of the bloggers on here actually make some really great content and I would highly recommend them.

However, even the best sometimes take it a little too far…

But at least they got some backlinks.

Oh wait, shit…

I’m an enabler!

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